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cat-scout Cat Scouts is an organization founded to purrmote the development of young cats into good citizens. It is free to join the Cat Scouts community. Cat Scouts advance through the ranks and attain badges based on merit for activities like camping, friendship, physical prowess, going to the vet and more. They learn teamwork and Cat Scoutcraft through swell activities within their troops and patrols.

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You must be at least one year old to become a Cat Scout. If you're not old enough yet, you can become a Kit Scout, so long as you don't pester the older scouts and engage in shenanigans. You will be able to get ready for all the fun activities that await you so you'll be purrpared for the moment you turn one year old.

Girlcats can become Cat Scouts, too, but they are required to sell treats on a card table in front of the supermarket to raise money to fund Cat Scout activities.

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Then, the fun begins! You'll get your Tenderpaw Patch and you can start working on your first merit badge right away. You are about to embark on the adventure of your lives. Click the Groups 'n' Troops link in the top menu to meet all of your fellow Cat Scouts.

CAT-SCOUT-HANDBOOK-COVER If you're serious about advancing through the Cat Scout ranks, you'll need The Cat Scout Handbook. Email the Denmaster to be notified when it becomes available. derwood-leduc

Cat Scouts in History

Derwood LeDuc was a member of the Scouts de Chat during World War II. Derwood is the most famous Cat Scout ever to hail from France, and he went on to serve as scribe for the French Foreign Legion, documenting the charge of the 13th Demi-Brigade in the Battle of Bir Hakeim. Scout LeDuc was a born leader, inventing the merit badges for library science, chess, hygiene and audio visual technology. He perfected the dig-to-China litterbox technique in the days before clumping cat litter. And, he was the primary driver behind French Scouts wearing sporty berets instead of garrision caps. Scouts, take a page from Scout LeDuc's book and lead the charge to intellectual fitness, fashion and cleanliness!

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